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sidenav2.gif (1675 bytes) "BLOOD IS SWEETER THAN WATER"
purple version (model: Kortni):
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green version (model: Marie):
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blue version (model: Leigh):
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(left): various webcam shots. (right): Leigh & Laini do the shirt justice

This is one of the earliest Revenge designs, and finally sees the light of day as a t-shirt. It was a rather simple shirt to make, really. Evan printed the design out, ironed it on, and applied glitter paint to it. The second picture shows the placement of the logo on the sleeve, but it's unclear in this scan, so a clearer picture of it is below...

This shirt was made as a present. When Evan saw Momus in concert on November 1st, he presented him with the purple garment. The reaction was favorable...

Also, you'll see Marie modeling the second version of Blood is Sweeter than Water. Hers is green (her favorite color), and besides that, differs from the orinigal in the fact that is doesn't have the sleeve logo, but does have metal studs Bedazzled onto the collar.

The third version, Leigh's, is different not just in the shirt's color, but the image on front is monochromatic.

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front logo

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side logo

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2002 Revenge / Evan Hayden / Ryan Sands