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Yes, there was life before the Revenge revolution. This page includes clothing made by Ryan and Evan before they founded the monstrosity that is R.V.N.G.  Also here, you will find some creations that were made after "the genesis", but were tests runs and/or mistakes.
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BOGIS! fire extinguisher This is a $50 Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt Now it's your turn to see misanthropy clik for high-res version!
creation: 1989, I think creation: summer of 1999 creation: summer of 1999 creation: summer of 1999 creation: summer of 2001
creator: Evan creator: Evan creator: Ryan creator: Ryan creator: Ryan
media: a sheistload of fabric paints on a t-shirt media: made up an image, took it to the print shop, ordered a baseball tee, and voila! media: felt iron-on letters on t-shirt. media: iron-on letters on tank top media: screen printing on t-shirt
notes: Evan made this in one of his grade school classes not long after the first Batman movie came out. Note the prodigeous use of English... "Rad", "Hey Dude", and of course "Bogis" (sic). notes: Evan has an iconography fetish of sorts. This image came off of a big fire hydrant sticker he purchased from Walmart. Unfortunately the shirt is pretty faded now...  Note Evan's bad hair day. notes: it says: "This is a fifty dollar Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt". Social commentary at it's finest... notes: it says: "now it's your turn to see misanthropy".  YAR! I'm thinking this one needs a RVNG resurrection... notes: (click image for more pics) It was once an innocuous Michigan State shirt... turned EVIL. One of Ryan's early experiments with screen printing.
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creation: 11-20-99 creation: summer '01 creation: fall '99 creation: feb. '02 creation: jul. '02
creator: Ryan creator: Ryan creator: Evan creator: Evan creator: Ryan
media: felt iron-on letters on t-shirt.
media: photo-emulsion screen print media: screen printing from print shop media: iron-on letters on t-shirt media: photo-emulsion screen print
notes:   (click image for hi-res version). Ryan made this humorously friend-o-phobic tee as something to wear to the Momus / Kahimi Karie concert that he, Evan, and Evan's future roomate Yohei, attended. It originally said "Evan Hayden is not my friend", but eventually some of the letters came off, and it doesn't say Evan's surname anymore. Here is a picture of the three young men with Kahimi Karie, and you can see the shirt in action. Momus didn't get the joke. notes:  This was Ryan's first ever photo-emulsion sceen print, and it turned out well. The image is one of someone's artwork that was comissioned for Detroit's C-POP gallery. notes:  Evan made a parody of the Nike logo, with some vulger Japanese vocab. "Kuso" means "shit". It gets chuckles out of our Japanese friends... notes:  This was a quick shirt made with some iron-on glitter letters that Evan got in a Virgin Suicides promtional kit. The original iron letters were "T.R.I.P." and "Stone Fox". notes:  This shirt was made as a "X-mas in July" present for Ryan's girlfriend.  Who can argue with a Prince shirt, for God's sake?



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