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Ryan Sands Ryan Sands
dob: 6-14-82   height: 5' 6''  blood type: O+
eyes: blue  hair: dark brown
location: Mountain View, CA  place of birth: Chicago, IL
current school: Stanford University
language(s): English, Japanese, some Latin & Spanish
skills: design, pragmatism, music, chemicals, math
likes: cheese fries, old man slacks, Star Wars
aversion to: perfume / cologne, mayonaise
hidden powers: teleportation, REVENGE!
bonus link: Ryan's work for the Stanford Daily.
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Evan Hayden Evan Hayden
dob: 4-7-80   height: 6' 0''  blood type: A-
eyes: hazel  hair: black w/ blue streaks
location: San Francisco, CA  place of birth: Saginaw, MI
current school: graduated from University of Toledo
language(s): English, Japanese, HTML, limited Spanish
skills: art, design, music, web design, writing
likes: banana shakes, track jackets, Blade Runner
aversion to: spicy foods (except curry), itchy wool
hidden powers: death-ray vision, REVENGE!
bonus link: Evan's art gallery
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the Genesis of the Revenge odyssey...
Ryan and Evan met one day in high school (in Monroe, MI) in 1996 when Evan was sleeping in class.  They realized that they had many a shared interest in things such as Japanese stuff, collage making, art films, and music.  From there on, they became close friends, and had many bizarre adventures together, including going to Japan together on a study tour in 1998.  They collaborated on various creative projects such as art, music, flyers, audio/video terrorism, mischief, and decoration.  In summer of the year 2000, they decided to pool their resources on another artistic venture... clothing design.   something they'd each been doing solo for awhile. ...and thus, REVENGE was born!   That fall, Ryan moved off to California to attend college, but despite their recent geographic separation, they still keep in touch and keep Revenge alive, shooting ideas back & forth across the internet.  hasta la vegenza siempre!

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